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Wishlist #1: Fountain Pens


Fountain Pen Wishlist2
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After crossing my Noodler’s Creaper from my wishlist, I wanted to write a post about my fountain pen wishlist. I usually keep wish lists more like a shopping list, that is to say I don’t usually put any pen to cost prohibitive-expensive-on the list. However, during the holiday season, Goldspot Pens held a very generous giveaway. If you sent a letter asking for one pen and you were the lucky, randomly-selected winner, they would give it to you! This giveaway enabled me to dream big, venture outside my price range and some of the pens on my list are a result. (Can you tell which ones?) So, here is my list:

  1. TWSBI Eco White (EF or 1.1mm Stub) $
    • I just love the TWSBI’s design. As much as people seemed to love the 580’s, I just didn’t understand it. Maybe you need to see it in person to understand? I think it looks pretty tacky, but I will keep my eye open. The Eco on the other hand looks so simple and beautiful. I love the demonstrator styles and the Eco offers that and a well-appreciated effort towards making an ECOnomical piston filler. This pen has taken up the fountain pen world by storm and it is next on my list.
    • Reviews: The Nib Smith, Gourmet Pens
  2. Lamy 2000 (EF) $$$
    • This is by far the most recommended pen in its price range and it is just beautiful inits simplistic, modern way. The Lamy would be my venture into gold nibs and I am really excited for that. Perhaps, if the 50th anniversary edition captivates me, I will finally bite the bullet.
    • Reviews: Pen Addict, Ed Jelley, Tools and Toys, Pen Habit
  3. Pilot Vanishing Point Twilight or Raden Galaxy (F, M, or 1.0mm Stub) $$$-$$$$
    • I love the idea of the retractable fountain pen and after testing it at the 2015 SF Pen Show, I was hooked. The convenience factor of this pen is its main selling point, but their designs hit it out of the park. Of course, I would choose a limited edition and their higher end Raden offering, but a girl can dream, right?
    • Reviews: No Pen Intended, Paper Lovestory
  4. Pelikan M400 White Tortoise (F) $$$$
    • This pen is stunning and Pelikan makes wonderful writers. What more needs to be said? Did I mention it is stunning?
    • Reviews: Gourmet Pens, Ink Me Fondly
  5. Omas (EF X-Flessible) $$$$
    • I didn’t choose a specific pen model because any of them would do. I just fell in love with the extra fine flessible nib through some reviews I’ve seen! I really want a nib that can produce a really thin line, but also offers so line variation and this seemed like the one.
    • Reviews: SBREBrown, Leigh Reyes, Gourmet Pens
  6. Visconti Homo Sapiens Steel Age Midi (EF) $$$$
    • This pen’s main selling point is the material of the body-volcanic rock. Honestly, I would be happy with any of the Visconti offering. (Have you seen their Hall of Music collection?) However, I’ve actually held this pen in my hand and I must say, that volcanic rock is something special. It just warms up instantly in your hand and it just feels amazing. I actually prefer the look of the Bronze Age, but they only had it in the larger size and that is just too big for my small hands. The Midi is just perfect.
  7. Namiki Nightline Moonlight Raden (F) $$$$$
    • This is by far the most expensive pen on my list and also the one I asked my Goldspot Pens Santa for. I love that it isn’t too big and the aesthetic is very clean. The Nightline Moonlight shines and you can just tell the level of craftmanship that went into this pen. It is stunning, breathtaking. My dream pen.
    • Review: Gourmet Pens

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