Game of Thrones S06E03 ‘Oathbreaker’ Review

After two relentless episodes, we finally see the show slow down its pacing. That is not to say it wasn’t filled with tons of new material. HOwever, there were some really slow and seemingly insignificant moments and they really drew out some of their big moments. All that being said, this was a still a… Continue reading Game of Thrones S06E03 ‘Oathbreaker’ Review


Game of Thrones S06E02 ‘Home’ Review

Another jam-packed episode of Game of Thrones has come our way. I am impressed by how relentless their pacing is. This episode felt slightly slower than the first episode, but that’s only because the first episode answered most of the lingering question from Season 5 in rapid-fire succession. This episode, on the other hand, focused… Continue reading Game of Thrones S06E02 ‘Home’ Review

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Daiso B5 Letter Pad Review

Introduction Daiso has a way of getting me with their selection, but this B5 letter pad in particular really hooked my interest. First, it was something I don’t normally see in Daiso. Second, the green cover has a nice refreshing look. Lastly, the paper feels super nice. Sometimes, it is hard to tell which papers… Continue reading Daiso B5 Letter Pad Review

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Daiso Calligraphy Ink Review

Introduction When I first bought calligraphy nibs, I didn’t realize you couldn’t use most fountain pen inks with them. Thankfully, I had a bottle of Noodler’s Black which does work with calligraphy nibs. After practicing with the Noodler’s for a while, I wanted to try actual calligraphy inks to see what the difference was. I… Continue reading Daiso Calligraphy Ink Review

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Uni Jetstream F*Series Multi-pen Review

Introduction The story behind my purchase of the Uni Jetstream F*Series Multipen is similar to the one behind my purchase of the Uni Style Fit. I wanted a multi-pen that has a notebook-specific purpose, except in this case, it is with my Field Notes. Unlike with the Uni Style Fit, whose purpose is to help… Continue reading Uni Jetstream F*Series Multi-pen Review

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Word. Notebook’s “The Adventure Log” Review

Introduction Since we’re coming into full force into spring and I have a goal to go on more hiking trips, I wanted to write a review about my go-to notebook for adventures: ‘The Adventure Log’. Word. Notebooks first came into my radar when their Blue Mountain Edition got a ton of coverage from the blogosphere… Continue reading Word. Notebook’s “The Adventure Log” Review

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Life Airmail Letter Pad Review

Introduction Back in the days, when letters were more common, red-and-blue-striped bordered envelopes filled with lightweight airmail paper were more prevalent. This airmail paper is also known as onionskin paper because of its thin and translucent properties. In addition to airmal, onionskin paper was also frequently used in typewriters because of the emphasis on low… Continue reading Life Airmail Letter Pad Review