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2016 Goals: June Progress Report

Part 1: MPK This month, I’ve taken time to rest from blogging. Honestly, I haven’t had too much inspiration and I wanted to spend time with family. Plus, I’ve been really focusing on watercoloring. I don’t know why, but it feels like just as I started getting into watercolors, several of my favorite bloggers started… Continue reading 2016 Goals: June Progress Report

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Beginner Watercolor #3 – Happy Year of the Monkey!

For my third watercolor, I wanted to make a sigil and draw something slightly more complicated than my previous. Since it is the Year of the Monkey, I decided to include a Monkey in my drawing. So, I Googled ‘Year of the Monkey’ and, as expected, I found many simple monkey outlines. I chose this… Continue reading Beginner Watercolor #3 – Happy Year of the Monkey!