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‘The Friday Flex’ Issue #12: Stationery Love vs. Addiction

‘The Friday Flex’ is a weekly newsletter consisting of personal stationery and lifestyle news pieces. It primarily focuses my experiences with pen and paper krafts. Table of Contents Instagram Highlights Reining in my Shopaholic Mind Notebook Collection: Uniform vs Variety I. Instagram Highlights View this post on Instagram #GoT6Countdown Day 23: Jon Snow Although he's… Continue reading ‘The Friday Flex’ Issue #12: Stationery Love vs. Addiction


Wishlist: Seals and Sealing Wax

While there are many in this pen and stationery hobby that don’t write letters, I still feel that the love for fountain pens and and handwriting is closely connected to the love for snail mail. To a degree, we all love things that are more personal, long-lasting and beautiful. Correspondence certainly falls in that category.… Continue reading Wishlist: Seals and Sealing Wax

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Wishlist: Sketchbooks

Since I started exploring my hobbies a little more, I decided I want to create more art. I mainly focus on calligraphy, lettering, and watercolors. Right now, I use the Companion refill from Innovative Journaling with their standard 120gsm/85lb Arches paper for watercolor practice. I use Nanami Paper’s Seven Seas ‘Crossfield’ for calligraphy and larger… Continue reading Wishlist: Sketchbooks