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2016 Goals: May Progress Report

Part 1: MPK

May was a slow month for me and, in addition to not blogging everyday, I also took a week off of blogging so I could focus on graduations. The time off also made me start to doubt my schedule and my blog content. Obviously, I should never take time off.

Though I didn’t get much time to write, I did fully look into my other goals. After a ton of research on websites and the like, my sister convinced me to hold off on getting a website before I’m more established. I think I will consider it after I create a several YouTube videos. Not that YouTube will be my main focus becuase, honestly, I prefer writing. I just feel I want to have more confidence and demonstrate more proactivity to myself before I commit to a website of my own.

As far as putting up some videos, I have filmed several, but haven’t taken the time to edit and post them. (See what I’m talking about?) This kind of behavior is worrisome because I may make this a habit and I need to break it. I promise to you and to myself that I will post some videos soon!

As I enter summer mode, I will start being more expermental with my posts. I will try to fill demands that people have, like the beginner’s watercolor guide, and post more art. I want to watercolor and maybe dive into acryllics. We shall see. Overall, I want to continue finding the right content for me because there is so much more I want to try and explore.

June Goals

  1. More watercoloring!
  2. Brush Lettering Practice
  3. YouTubing!


Part 2: Life + ABCDF

Though I did get a few runs in last month, my fitness track record has been abyssmal. I did successfully spend quality time with my family, but now my sleeping schedule has self-destructed. Thankfully, my sister will probably help me eat more healthily, but I still get the feeling that I’m on track to die at 50. So, I will make it a point to go hiking this month because I have more time and so many options. My little sister will also be home soon, so maybe I can drag her out too.

I have been on a backpacking gear shopping spree and, while I am worried about money and jobs and everything, I feel like I need to step away from everything. I plan to head to Oregon before this summer is over and also go on a few multi-day trips. There is no time better than the present to live this life of mine!



Part 3: Progress Report


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