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Field Notes ‘Snowblind Review


I first discovered Field Notes in the Spring of 2015 and, at the time, the Spring 2015 edition ‘Two Rivers’ had just come out. That was the first time I was tempted to get a subscription. The subsequent editions were tempting, but not enough to tempt me to shell out money I didn’t have.

My Precious Krafts 2015-12-01 009

When the ‘Snowblind’ edition came out, I knew it was going to happen. Out of all the editions, Snowblind was by far the most clean, simple, yet completely unique edition. Then, if you take the free shipping into consideration, I was sold. I ended up getting the ‘Workshop Companion’ and the ‘Shenandoah’ anyways, but, at least now, I have free shipping and two packs of Snowblind.


Here are the specifications:

  • Cover: 100# Sappi McCoy Silk cover stock
  • Cover Color: White “photochromic ink
  • Logo Color: Silk-screened pearlescent “Interference” ink
  • Body Pages: 60# Finch Opaque text paper with a faint 3/16″ x 3/16″ gray grid
  • Binding: 3 Glossy white staples
  • Dimensions: 3.5″ x 5.5″ w/ 3/8″ rounded corners

This is Field Notes’ second white on white edition, but unlike the previous edition (or any edition really), this white cover turns blue from UV rays. The resulting sky blue nicely outlines the sparkly ink of the Field Notes logo. I absolutely love this design element and that the Field Notes team was willing to take a hit in their profit margins to make it happen.

My Precious Krafts 2015-12-01 010

The inside of the cover is printed in a pleasant blue ink and the pages are almost blank considering how light the grid color is. I do wish the grid was a tad bit darker, but I get the appeal of a very white notebook. At least we got a grid as opposed to a blank notebook.

My Precious Krafts 2016-05-09 001

If you are someone who gets bothered by the sight of dirty things, I would avoid this edition. Unlike the editions with colored covers, the white doesn’t look that great when worn. It just screams, “I am dirty”. Personally, I don’t mind, but I need to note it.


Since the paper is the same 60# paper as the ‘Shenandoah’ edition, I’m not going to go too in-depth into the paper. If you want to know my opinion on that paper you can vist my ‘Shenandoah’ review. I think the main difference is the lightness of the grid color and, admittedly, it was relatively hard to follow the grid at times. Sometimes, I also feel like my eyes are a little strained. In the end, it doesn’t affect the functionality of the notebook that much.


This Field Notes ‘Snowblind’ Edition is definitely worth checking out because it balances functionality with being really cool. If I had to rank the editions I’ve used so far, I would say:

  1. Original Kraft graph – Pros: 50# paper, simplicity
  2. Shenandoah – Pros: Pleasant grid, Great colors and wearability; Cons: 60# paper
  3. Snowblind – Pros: Cool and simple design; Cons: 60# paper, Light grid, looks dirty when worn

  4. Loot Crate Confidential: Pros: 50# paper, Loot Crate; Cons: 2015 Calendar

I personally appreciate the simplicity of the Kraft graph and the feeling of the 50# paper when well used. The 60# paper just doesn’t have the same feel, though I am okay with it.

The Snowblind edition is so popular, it is already sold out on the Field Notes website. If you want the Snowblind, you can still find it at most third-party retailers like Goulet Pens, Jet Pens, or Goldspot Pens for $9.95/3-pack. I hope this review was helpful and thank you for reading!

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