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Soundtrack #4: April 2016

On one hand, the April 2016 Soundtrack is a compilation of tracks that were stuck in my head. On the other hand, it is an homage to the DEAD Jon Snow. In a way, it highlights his journey from his arrival to the Wall to his ultimate DEATH.

He started off pretty immature and unironically thought his challenges were bigger than everyone else’s when they weren’t. He really wanted to figure out who he wanted to be and, eventually, he came into his own. He built a group of friends and discovered his strengths. Later, he met Ygritte and started really coming into his own character, becoming a dangerous man. He made the difficult choice of losing Ygritte and sticking to his honor.

I admire him for helping the wildings, so I am really disappointed that he got stabbed in the front for it. I really wish they didn’t let us down and just let him live…



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