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Daiso B5 Letter Pad Review

My Precious Krafts 2016-04-24 006


Daiso has a way of getting me with their selection, but this B5 letter pad in particular really hooked my interest. First, it was something I don’t normally see in Daiso. Second, the green cover has a nice refreshing look. Lastly, the paper feels super nice. Sometimes, it is hard to tell which papers qualify as nice based on the feeling *cough*Moleskine*cough* but I could tell that this is pretty decent, at least for fine-nibbed fountain pens. Daiso does sell a fountain-pen-friendly notebook series, Combine, but I personally didn’t need more notebooks. However, letter writing is a huge goal of mine so I had to get this.


This letter pad has 77 sheets of 175 x 252mm (6.89 x 9.92in) white paper. The front cover is a thin, glossy green paper. There are descriptions about the book at the bottom left-hand corner and the ‘Made in Japan’ label on the right. The back cover is a solid cardboard and the internal paper is gluebound at the top. Though this wouldn’t survive being tossed around a bag, the sheets are held very securely and removes very cleanly.

The front side of the inside pages has a 41.5mm header and 25 8mm-spaced dark grey lines. The backside of the pages are blank. Overall, this is a fairly standard, lined, letterpad. Personally, I appreciate line-ruled pages, though I’m okay with using a guide to write straight on blank pages.


Like I said before, this paper feels really nice. It almost feels like the Tomoe River paper in my Seven Seas Writer, though it isn’t nearly as thin. Just as expected, the writing experience was very pleasant. All of my pens glide very nicely across the page and it didn’t feel like the paper was just soaking up my ink. Here are pictures of my ink test:

My most saturated inks and widest nibs did have some feathering and bleedthrough. There is pretty noticeable showthrough across the board and the medium-sized nibs had slight amounts of bleedthrough. On the positive side, I did see the red sheen on the Emerald de Chivor and the golden sheen on the Sailor Jentle Tokiwa Matsu. All the colors came through slightly darker than with better paper, but it was still good.


For $1.50, this letter pad is pretty good. It is a joy to write on even though it doesn’t handle inks that well. I suppose it is similar to Moleskine in that sense, but it is slightly less absorbent and a fraction of the cost. I personally don’t care that I can’t write on the backside because that’s my personal preference for letter writing. I love this letter pad because it doesn’t feel too precious. I have no issue using many sheets for my correspondence. If you are intrigued and happen to spot this at your local Daiso, I recommend you check it out.

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