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‘The Friday Flex’ Issue #11: Field Notes & FLAX

 ‘The Friday Flex’ is a weekly newsletter consisting of personal stationery and lifestyle news pieces. It primarily focuses my experiences with pen and paper krafts.

Table of Contents

  1. Instagram Highlights
  2. Incoming: Field Notes Commemorative Reprints
  3. Visiting FLAX art & design + Mini Haul

I. Instagram Highlights

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#GoT6Countdown Day 17: Brienne of Tarth Thanks to the amazing Gwendoline Christie, we got to see way more of Brienne than we would have. Thank God because she is such a badass. This show is no stranger to strong, complex female characters, but Brienne is different in that she has suffered so much verbal abuse and does not have a big name behind her. I hope she takes down a bunch of Bolton's this season and meets up with Jamie again. I also hope Sansa accepts her help and let's her lead a part of her army. We shall see. #gameofthrones #gotseason6 #april24 #got #asoiaf #brienneoftarth #thenorthremembers #ichooseviolence #winteriscoming #calligraphy #lettering #penmanship #handwriting #stationerylover

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#GoT6Countdown Day 21: Melisandre One of the best things about Game of Thrones is its element of magic. Somehow, magic in this world is both strong and underpowered at the same time. Magic here has great foreshadowing capability yet is stunted by its unpredictability. Melisandre is our main representative of magic in this world and she is showcases the strength and unpredictability. On one hand, what the hell is she seeing in those damn flames that made her kill Shireen? On the other hand, she is a foreshadowing goldmine. I hope she can actually contribute to the greater good this season because her track record is pretty terrible. #gameofthrones #gotseason6 #april24 #got #asoiaf #melisadre #theredpriestess #redpriestess #thewall #thenorthremembers #winteriscoming #calligraphy #lettering #penmanship #handwriting #stationerylover

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II. Incoming: Field Notes Commemorative Reprints

To celebrate their 30th COLORS Edition, Sweet Tooth, Field Notes gave every subscriber who receives a Sweet Tooth in their subscription a commemorative reprint of their first two COLORS Editions: Butcher Orange and Butcher Extra Blue. And to add extra awesome, they printed the subscriber’s name on the bellyband a.k.a. PERSONALIZED BELLYBANDS.

My Precious Krafts 2016-04-18 002

I must say they outdid themselves on this one. The notebooks are simply stellar and the personalization… let’s just say they could’ve sent just a personalized bellyband with a normal kraft graph and I would’ve been happy. Instead, they went above and beyond. Thanks a million, Field Notes.

III. Visiting FLAX art & design + Mini Haul

In the beginning of April, FLAX art & design officially set up shop in downtown Oakland. Unfortunately, I didn’t attend their opening because I wasn’t aware of it. I finally took time this Monday to visit and, my dear, it was glorious. I was so happy to see in the flesh all the products that I stare at on my computer screen. They had a nice stock of Rhodias, Leuchtturm 1917, Clairfontaine, Stillman & Birn, etc. They had a respectable display case of fountain pens, too. And of course, so much art supplies! Here’s my mini-haul:

My Precious Krafts 2016-04-18 001.jpg

Yes, I only got a pencil and a bottle of gold calligraphy ink. That’s because I need to ration out my spending. I do plan on attending their events to see if this was a business I want to invest in. Hopefully, they prove thier worth because I always want to support local businesses.


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