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Uni Jetstream F*Series Multi-pen Review

My Precious Krafts 2016-03-16 015


The story behind my purchase of the Uni Jetstream F*Series Multipen is similar to the one behind my purchase of the Uni Style Fit. I wanted a multi-pen that has a notebook-specific purpose, except in this case, it is with my Field Notes. Unlike with the Uni Style Fit, whose purpose is to help my color-code, I wanted the F*Series Multipen to help me avoid color-coding. When I first bought my Field Notes, I immediately decided I would only use black ink to avoid color-coding. I decided to add in the red to help me label. I also decided I should have a pencil at hand. Honestly, when I found this pen, I thought I hit the jackpot because it was exactly what I was looking for.


The Uni Jetstream F*Series Multipen contains two 0.5mm refills in black and red and a 0.5mm mechanical pencil refill. It utilizes a twist mechanism to switch between refills. I bought the pen in ‘Luminous Black,’ which is a black with fine silver sparkles throughout. In addition to the black, the pen also comes in two similarly sparkly light pink and champagne colors (a.k.a Pink Sugar and Silky Gold).

The design of the F*Series is definitely targetting women (F stands for feminine or female) and, while I’m usually not a huge fan of overtly feminine products, I thoroughly enjoy the elegant design of the pen The ‘Luminious Black’ model is particularly elegant and minimalistic = compared to the other colors. The pen has a plain steel clip and the sparkles are very subtle. The flower on the top of the pen is simple enough to not seem tacky, though the texture is strangely rubbery. The labels on the pen are generally simple, though I must applaud specifically for making the pen’s logos so stealthily at the top.


Uni has proven time and again that their Jetstream ballpoint ink is a joy to write with and the refills that come with the F*Series are no exception. The refills are smooth, waterproof, and a decently fine 0.5mm point. The mechanical pencil refill doesn’t operate nearly as smoothly as most standalone mechanical pencils. The clicking mechanism requires quite a bit of force to deploy the lead. I am satisfied with the lead refill, but I want to offer a disclaimer: I do NOT have a lot of experience with mechanical pencils, so I’m not the best judge of quality.

The feel of the pen in the hand is okay. There is no rubber grip, but the plastic along with the tapered tip offers a reasonable degree of grip. This is a light pen, so it isn’t the best for long writing sessions. However, for a light pen, it is decently balanced. So, I will accept it for quick notes. The construction of the pen is solid and the twist mechanism works well. Overall, I’m happy with the writing experience.


The main qualities of this pen are the specific types of refills: a 0.5mm black and red ballpoint with a mechanical pencil. I do appreciate the design and construction, but I don’t think lighter pens can ever be as well-equipped as heavier and properly balanced pens for long writing sessions. All that being said, this pen is perfect for my needs. As a quick notes, Field Notes pen, the Uni Jetstream F*Series Multipen works just perfectly. Plus, the quality of the refills is wonderful. If you’re interested in this pen, you can find it at JetPens for $11.50.

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