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Word. Notebook’s “The Adventure Log” Review

My Precious Krafts 2016-03-24 014


Since we’re coming into full force into spring and I have a goal to go on more hiking trips, I wanted to write a review about my go-to notebook for adventures: ‘The Adventure Log’.

Word. Notebooks first came into my radar when their Blue Mountain Edition got a ton of coverage from the blogosphere (Pen Addict, Papernery, Pencil Revolution). If you aren’t familiar with Word. Notebooks, they are a pocket notebook brand that specifically targets the to-do listers of the world. Their standard notebooks utilize a “unique bullet point system” that is basically a to-do list with pre-determined rules. I was never sold by the system, but because reviews said the notebooks were pretty good quality, I looked into the brand a little more. Eventually, I found ‘The Adventure Log’, which is a collaboration between Word. Notebooks and Bradley Mountain.



‘The Adventure Log’ is a 48-paged, standard 3.5″x5.5″ pocket-sized notebook. It is sold in a 3-pack and comes in two colors, black and yellow. The front cover has ‘The Adventure Log’ label and a space to number your book. The outside back cover has the logos of Word. and Bradley Mountain. Overall, the outer design is very clean and I loved their choice of black and yellow covers.

The inside front cover has sections for your name, some notes, year and month markers, and contact info, if lost. The inside back cover is the Bucket List section.All of the pages inside have the same format. On the top half, there are boxes for the location, the date, the conditions, and your companions. The bottom half has 11 lines for notes.

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I’m usally not the biggest advocate for formatted pages, but the layout in ‘The Adventure Log’ works well for me. Every box highlights the most important things about a trip and there is ample room for notes. The only change I would make is to have a dot grid or blank space in the notes section because I feel the lines are a bit constricting.


After using the Log for several trips, I find the paper sufficiently pen friendly. The paper is thick, smooth, and absorbent. Feathering on this paper is pretty minimal. There is some bleedthrough and showthrough with fountain pens and felt tip pens, especially with anything from a medium nib onwards. However, I prefer using finer tips for such a small space, so I didn’t get enough bleedthrough to bother me.

The thing I like most about this paper is the short drying times. Since this notebook is for quick jots during a trip, I prefer to not worry about smudging. Below are some additional pictures and the ink test.


When I go on day trips, I usually only take this notebook with my. If I’m on overnight trips, I add a Fieldnotes for 5-year Journal entries and my usual Fieldnotes for notes. ‘The Adventure Log’ on its own is a great way to log your trips and make a short journal entry. The layout is clean and I don’t find any of the sections to be superfluous.

If you’re picky about your paper, you can easily replicate this layout in your favorite notebook. However, I think the paper is just fine for my needs and I love the rest of the design. The lettering is on point and the notebook is very sturdy. So, if you’re looking for a travel journal, I will recommend ‘The Adventure Log’.

My Precious Krafts 2016-03-24 018

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