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‘The Friday Flex’ Issue #7: Shopping and Monarch Madness

‘The Friday Flex’ is a weekly newsletter consisting of personal stationery and lifestyle news pieces. It primarily focuses my experiences with pen and paper krafts.

Table of Contents

  1. Instagram Highlights
  2. The Shopping Roadmap
  3. March 2016 Ink Drop: Monarch Madness

I. Instagram Highlights

II. The Shopping  Roadmap

Material things will not bring you happiness and I recognize this. However, I want to write, plan, reflect, and communicate with others. In this respect, I see pens, pencils, and papers as tools to help me achieve that. Unfortunately for my wallet, I am picky and I like variety, but I am shopping for tools. Maybe a $20 bottle of ink won’t bring me happiness, but seeing my journals and my letter written in pretty script and a beautiful ink is its own kind of joy: the joy of creating.

So, please hold the judgment as I make this shopping roadmap for myself.

  1. Fountain Pens
    • Current status: Except for one vintage Sheaffer, I only have entry level fountain pens: 4 fine , 2 mediums and 1 flex nib. My original mentality was to better acquaint myself with fountain pens and understand my writing style before considering buying better pens. I have since realized what does and doesn’t work for me, for example, I prefer nibs with feedback over glassy smooth nibs. I also need a light, well-balanced pen.
    • Goal: Find the most comfortable pen for my hands. Continue testing out different pens and try new nibs like gold, stubs, italics, and vintage flex.
    • Plan: Attend the 2016 SF Pen Show and try out different pens. I am officially banning myself from buying a pen over $50 without first testing it and the SF Pen Show seems like a great place to do it. Some pens I will focus on: a vintage flex and the Lamy 2000.
  2. Fountain Pen Inks
    • Current Status: I have A LOT of ink and they will last me quite a while. Most of them are only 2-3mL samples, but I also have quite a few bottles of inks. I truly don’t need more.
    • Goal: DON’T BUY INK!
    • Plan: I swear I’ll stop after that bottle of Noodler’s Kung Te Cheng. I’m sorry, but I just HAD to get that Monarch Madness Ink Drop… *hides*
  3. Calligraphy – Nibs, Nib Holders, and Inks
    • Current Status: I feel pretty good about the supplies I’ve bought so far: a small, but varied collection of nibs; the Speedball Oblique Nib Holder and the Tachikawa 25 Nib Holder; and a bottle of Sumi Ink and Noodler’s Black. The only change I would make is to get a more comfortable oblique nib holder.
    • Goal: To practice calligraphy
    • Plan: A Postman’s Knock has been constantly raving about the ‘Rodger’s Pen Box’ Oblique Nib Holders, so I will try to buy them when they come back in May.
  4. Notebooks
    • Current Status: I’m also pretty content with my current notebook collection. I don’t feel the need to buy many more. Really the only notebooks tempting me are the Seven Seas notebooks and Field Notes. I really want the Seven Seas ‘Standard’ to complete my set.
    • Goal: To have a small supply of high quality A5-sized notebooks and maintain a reasonably sized collection of Field Notes.
    • Plan: For Field Notes, I will not seek editions older than Ambition. I am ‘COLORS’ subscriber, but I will allow myself to purchase limited editions that are made available for everyone to purchase. As far as the A5-sized notebooks, I will only allow myself to buy a Seven Seas Standard until I use up the notebooks that I have.
  5. Letter Writing – Envelopes, Letter Pads, Stamps & Seals
    • Current Status: I have enough stamps and letter pads to last me a while. I will be making my own envelopes for now because I have a giant stash of 12x12in cardstock paper that I don’t use. Really, the only thing on my wishlist is sealing wax and seals.
    • Goal: Writing letters to friends, family, and new penpals
    • Plan: I just bought some sealing wax and seals… Yes, I caved in before I completed my goals. Obviously setting restrictions don’t work if I convince myself that something is functional. Honestly, once those arrive, I’m pretty set.

III. March 2016 Ink Drop: Monarch Madness

My Precious Krafts 2016-03-24 019.JPG
I love the Goulet goodies that came with the Ink Drop! They are always so on point!

I’ve been aware of Goulet Pen’s Ink Drop for a while, but, honestly, I haven’t been particularly captivated by any set until Monarch Madness. Unlike the others which either had inks I didn’t like or had inks I already owned, Monarch Madness contains three inks that were already high on my wishlist and doesn’t have any ink that I already own. It almost feels like this set was made for me. Plus, the two inks that weren’t already on my radar–Tyrian Purple and Regency Blue–are quickly rising the ranks. Now, all that’s left is for me to try them out.


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