Wishlist: Seals and Sealing Wax


While there are many in this pen and stationery hobby that don’t write letters, I still feel that the love for fountain pens and and handwriting is closely connected to the love for snail mail. To a degree, we all love things that are more personal, long-lasting and beautiful. Correspondence certainly falls in that category.

I know this is an ad for the Lamy Safart Dark Lilac, but I just love this image!

Of course, if you enjoy letters, there’s no way you could escape the temptation of seals and sealing wax. I admit, I became a little obsessed, but decided I must hit some goal before I do. I wrote those goals in my Friday Flex Issue #5 post, but I will write them here again:

  • 3 letters to people I know
  • 4 letters to the Netherlands
  • 5 letters to people who don’t know me yet

So, what is to be my prize?

  • Letter ‘J’ Seal
  • Hogwarts Seal
  • Red Sealing Wax

I want to keep it simple because I need to stay within my budget. My actual wishlist?

  1. J. Herbin Supple Sealing Wax – Burgundy
  2. Atelier Gargoyle Flexible Sealing Wax – Royal Blue (1-Stick)
  3. Atelier Gargoyle Flexible Sealing Wax – Olive Green (1-Stick)
  4. Etc.

Yes, it is a lot. Yes, I am insane. Yes, Goulet Pens is getting a big chunk of my cash. However, I won’t allow myself to buy things without first using what I have by, obviously, sending letters.

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