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Fitness Update #2

My Precious Krafts 2016-03-09 032Last month, I was pretty lazy with my fitness. With the exeption of a short week where I was hiking or out and about, I spent most of my time sitting or sleeping. When March came, I racked my brain for ways to push myself to exercise. Well, I think I’ve found a way: I won’t allow myself to wash my hair until after I workout.

I typically wash my hair every other day and I find that I hate to workout the day after I wash my hair. The obvious solution is to workout right before I wash my hair. Then, I can feel extra clean after my shower. The next day would be my rest day. Then, I workout again and the cycle continues. I’ve tried this for a week and I’m happy with the routine. I try to take it a step further by not allowing myself to wash my hair until after I exercise, so I feel extra motivated to make time. Hopefully, this method works.


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