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‘The Friday Flex’ Issue #5: Field Notes, Uni Style Fit and Letters

‘The Friday Flex’ is a weekly newsletter consisting of personal stationery and lifestyle news pieces. It primarily focuses my experiences with pen and paper krafts.

Table of Contents

  1. Instagram Highlights
  2. INCOMING: Field Notes & Uni Style Fit Multipens
  3. Field Notes “Sweet Tooth” COLORS Edition
  4. OUTGOING: Letter #1 & Letter Goals

I. Instagram Highlights

II. INCOMING: Field Notes & Uni Style Fit Multipen

In this issue of the ‘Friday Flex’, I decided to put all my packages in one section. Although I like giving each product its own section, I don’t want to write something that would eventually end up in the review. In other words, I don’t want to repeat myself too much. Again, this is just an experiment and I might decide that I don’t like it. We’ll see if this format sticks.

My Precious Krafts 2016-03-03 007

Every year, Field Notes sponsors the Morning News Tournament of Books and sells a special red Field Notes with the ToB Rooster mascot on the cover. It is sold for $2 and that, along with their matching $2 donation, goes to 826 National, a nonprofit organization that runs several tutoring centers. I love the idea of supporting community organizations with my stationery purchase, so naturally, I had to get one. If you’re interested, you can find in on the Field Notes Website.

My Precious Krafts 2016-03-09 003

The second thing I got was a Uni Style Fit 5 Color Multi Pen Body in the Donald Duck design. I actually bought all the refills from Jet Pens already and I would have bought the pen body from them too had I not discovered the Disney designs that Jet Pens doesn’t carry. In the end, I order the Donald Duck Pen Body from a Japanese seller on Amazon. I ordered it on February 21st and it came on March 7. So, 15 days. Not bad. A review will come later, but so far, I like it.

IV. Field Notes “Sweet Tooth” COLORS Edition

Field Notes “Sweet Tooth”

On Wednesday, Field Notes revealed their latest COLORS Edition, “Sweet Tooth”. This is definitely one of their more experimental COLORS Editions. It is a “solid block of bright color all the way through” and is the first Field Notes with perforated pages. According to the page, “The ‘Sweet Tooth’ Edition features French Paper’s Pop-Tone line “Blu-Raspberry,” “Banana Split,” and “Tangy Orange” for both the 100-lb covers and extra-beefy 70-lb text pages. The covers are stamped in matching shiny metallic foils from Crown Roll Leaf Inc.” The pages are blanks and the staples are black. I’ve seen people say this is the Post-It Notes edition and I agree.

I think this edition is easy to dislike. It is definitely a far cry from their usual understated, graph-ruled notebooks. There are four aspects of this edition that can easily turn a person off: the brightly colored covers, the brightly colored pages, the perforated pages and the blank pages. Usually, Field Notes experiements on one or two aspects of the book and keeps the others rather understated. “Unexposed” was a brightly covered edition, but it had relatively “safe” white pages with a already well-received reticle graph. “Ambition” experimented with different rulings and even had a datebook, but the colors were classy and neutral. “Sweet Tooth” almost feels like a metaphor for candy: it may seem fun initially, but too much leaves you wanting for something more practical.

All that being said, I am not turned off by this edition. My thoughts: the bright colors are so happy and remind me of old school carnivals and amusement parks; I’ve never had a problem with colorful paper before, so why would I now; perforated pages could be useful whenever my mom needs to borrow some paper to write something down; and I use blank pages often and like them. Obviously, I won’t know until I’ve tried it, but my initial impressions aren’t negative.

III. OUTGOING: Letter #1 & Letter Goals

My Precious Krafts 2016-03-07 001

I finally sent a letter to my cousin in the Netherlands and I am so happy with how it turned out! I used the Life Airmail Letter Pad I got from Nanami Paper and my own handmade envelope. I wrote the letter using my Brause 361 Steno Blue Pumpkin Nib with the Speedball Oblique Nib Holder. I even had my mom send a note on some cute notepad paper. I am unbelievably excited to start this line of correspondence and hope we keep it up.

Yes, I am aware that InCoWriMo is over, but the letter-writing should continue on! I decided I want to set a letter writing goal for myself. It won’t be as intense as the daily letters of InCoWriMo, but I want it to be a challenge. So, here are the goals:

  • 3 Letters to people I know
  • 4 Letters to the Netherlands (my cousin!)
  • 5 Letters to people who don’t know me yet

Once I have completed these goals, I will reward myself with some sealing wax and seals. That way, my letters’ appearances will continue to improve. (And I will satisfy my shopaholic needs…)

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