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Skilcraft Executive Fountain Pen Review


I got this pen as a gift and while I have some qualms about the pen, it definitely has admirable qualities that I can’t dismess. If you haven’t heard of Skilcraft, I don’t blame you. It mainly supplies pens of the ballpoint variety to government agencies. However, one of the unique things about this company is that it primarily employs blind/disabled workers. How a blind person puts together a fountain pen, I don’t know. However, it must be spectular to observe.


Although the design is a bit dated, I personally think this is a good looking pen. The body of the pen is covered with a blue, shiny lacquer and all the trimmings are gold. It kind of reminds me of a military uniform because of the three gold bands in the middle. The nib is a nice gold color and the section is black.

This pen has a fine nib, but it writes like a medium. This is a cartridge converter pen that takes standard international cartridges. It comes with three mini cartridges in the packages. The cap is snap on and does post reasonably securely, just slightly better than the Metropolitan. This is a rather substantial metal bodied pen, so I don’t see it breaking apart easily. Overall, a pretty simple design for a low-cost, entry level pen.


Honestly, the balance of this pen is quite bad. With the cap posted, the pen is very top-heavy. Yet, without the cap, the pen feels too light. This makes longer writing sessions difficult and I find my hand cramping pretty quickly. The section is slightly slippery, but I don’t find it bothersome. The nib writes well and is really smooth. I don’t even think I flushed it out before inking and it was fine, so I’ll give it points for that. I don’t have any positive or negative comments about the ink that came with it, except that I will be happy to replace it. Overall, the writing experience was fine, except for the balance of the pen.


I can’t recommend this pen fully because the balance is so off for me. However, I will keep testing it out and see how other inks will look with it. As much as I appreciate black, I love writing with different colors. If I had to rate this pen, I would give it a 6/10. All four points would be taken off for the balance because as important as the nib and build quality is, comfort is even more important.

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