Scrapbooking Tools #2: EK Tools Rotary Paper Trimmer

I decided I won’t be doing a formal review of this mainly because I don’t want to to torture test the paper trimmer. Instead, I will make some comments about how this works for me and why paper trimmers are essential tools for scrapbookers.

I use the paper trimer to trim down my photos and to split 4×6 photos into two 3x4s Since I don’t use the trimmer a lot, I don’t mind that it required quite a bit of pressure to cut photos. I have found that you need to press quite hard to cut photos and most heavier papers, so if you have weak hands or arthritis, I suggest finding something better, perhaps a guillotine style cutter that cuts with its own weight? Overall, this was inexpensive and cut clean lines, so I will keep it. You can find this at Amazon for 14.99.

For every person out there hoping to start scrapbooking, I highly recommend getting a paper trimmer because there will always be excess paper and to little space to put in your favorite memories. Obviously, you can use scissors, but after a while, scissors can get tiring. Plus, paper trimmers are cleaner.


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