TV Series Spotlight: Agent Carter


Nowadays, people are starting to understand that feminism is a legitimate cause. Yet, at the same time, many have a hard time understanding exactly what the battle is. You look at the high percentage of women attending college and you think the problem is solved. Unfortunately, the issue runs much deeper than that. I still hear young men commenting on how their hiring managers prefer men over women. I still hear people saying that it is impractical for women to have high-powered jobs because they eventually need to take long periods of time off for their kids. I still hear people criticize women for being too independent. The battle is all about perception.

Enter Agent Peggy Carter (played by Hayley Atwell), a strong, independent woman taking on the post- World-War-II world where men rapidly take power away from women who’ve had a taste of what it means to being valued for their working skills. The beauty of ‘Agent Carter’ is that it highlights sexism in a way that is comedic, unyielding, and completely relatable. In ‘Agent Carter’, the goal of feminism is obvious: let women take advantage of their strengths, no matter what it is. Whether is it mixed martial arts or beauty, Peggy Carter takes ownership of her qualities and fights for her beliefs using each and every one of them.

I won’t include too many details because I don’t want to spoil anyone, so let’s just say she kicks ass and takes names. The most recent season even takes on racism and in the most brilliant–by showing that it’s a silly annoyance. Just picture this: an agent and a scientist are being pursued by men who want to kill them and after many bullets and a dramatic car chase scene, they narrowly escaped their pursuers. They enter a bakery to use the phone and just as it seemed everything would be okay, the entire sequence is interrupted by the baker’s blatant racism. Because Agent Peggy Carter is a white woman and our scientist, Dr. Jason Wilkes, is a black man. Yeah.

Even if you’ve never seen one single frame of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, watch Agent Carter. The show is dynamic, filled with multidimensional characters, and so so fun. Since it is only a 10-episode, off-season show, it takes the creative risks that Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D cannot and has more time than the movies to fully flush out the characters. ‘Agent Carter’ also has all the benefits of being a Marvel Production, including great comic book storylines/characters, witty writers, beautiful, bold visuals, and strong, creative plots. If anything, watch if for Hayley Atwell. And did I mention they use fountain pens on the show?

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