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Nemosine Singularity Review

My Precious Krafts 2016-02-16 039


About half a year ago, I “acquired” the Nemosine Singularity from my dear sister. She received it as a gift a couple of years ago, but couldn’t get used to it because it leaked. After I started using my Pilot Kakuno, I dug this pen out from one of her many storage boxes and effectively revived it. She kindly allowed me to use it ever since.


This entry-level pen comes in a wide range of colors. This is a cartridge/converter pen that takes standard international converters and cartridges. It comes with an ink converter and six ink cartridges in the box. The model I have is the “Velvet Black” with a Medium nib. The pen is primarily made of resin and has chrome trimmings on the cap and the body. The clip is also chrome to match. The brand’s name is embossed on the cap’s chrome trimming.

The pen has a screw-on cap that does post and I personally think it is meant to be posted. The pen is pretty light and when unposted, the balance is very off. Posted, the pen is well-balanced. The threading on the section is noticeable when writing, but not uncomforable. The section is lightly tapered and I find it just enough to give me a good grip.

The section houses a #6 stainless steel German nib. There is a beautiful design on the top of the nib along with an ‘N’ for the brand, ‘M’ for medium and a “Made in Germany” label. The nib and feed is friction fit, so they are easy to pull out and clean. Overall, the design is simple, clean, and very functional. No major complaints.


This is a light pen that needs to be posted to be balanced. I personally don’t mind that it is light, but some may. This is a reasonably comfortable pen in my small hands. The section is perfectly tapered and the threading has not bothered me yet.

The nib is definitely my favorite part of the pen. It is a smooth writer, yet offers a little feedback. As someone who is practicing my handwriting, I appreciate the feedback. It gives me better control and awareness of how I’m writing.

I personally don’t buy medium nibs, so I can’t compare to other ones. However, I like really like the Medium nib’s wet broader line, which helps me show off my inks’ shading properties.

I personally had no issue with the pen. My sister, along with many reviewers, said that the pen leaked when writing. When I found the pen, I cleaned it thoroughly and replaced the cartridge with a converter. I haven’t had any leaking so far. Maybe there was a problem with the cartridge or the ink in the cartridge. Maybe the nib and the feed was improperly aligned. Either way, it seems this pen may require tinkering to work, so but at your own risk.


I like this pen. Yes, it is definitely made of low cost materials. Yes, you may experience leaking. However, I personally have not had leaking problems and when the nib is working well, it is an admirable writer. It is wet, but not gushing, smooth writer that offers some feedback without being scratchy at all.

I recommend the Nemosine Singularity to those who want an economical, classic, and light fountain pen that offers some degree of feedback. If you’ve tried the Pilot Metropolitan and found the nib slightly too glassy, this might be a good alternative. However, if you prefer a heavier, more robust, and glass smooth writer, I recommend the Pilot Metropolitan. I personally like the Singularity better, but to each their own. You can find this pen at Amazon.

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