Scrapbooking Tools #1: EK Tools Mini Corner Rounders Review

After doing the Project Life Routine post, I realized I should start reviewing the tools I used. I have accumulated so many random knick knacks over the course of my scrapbooking and I feel I should share them with my blog. Then, I will make a post with my personal recommendations for new Project Lifers and scrapbookers.

The first scrapbooking tool I want to review is the EK Tools Mini Corner Rounders Set. To be honest, these aren’t completely necessary to the Project Life process. Their main purpose is to make my photos match the rounded corners of the Project Life cards. In other words, their purpose is to make me happy. And they do it well!

Their design is compact, simple and functional. The set comes with two sizes, a 1″ and a 1/2″ rounder. The top and the back is marked with the size and also shows you the shape/size of the curve. The 1″ has a wider curve and the 1/2″ has a smaller curve. (1″ circle vs 1/2″ circle.) The 1/2″ is the size you’re looking for if you want to make your photos match the roundness of the Project Life cards.

There is a locking mechanism on the bottom to keep the rounder compact when unused. It is easy to lock and unlock. No complaints there. The front flares out at the side; that is where you insert the paper. Simple and easy.

Overall, it works well. They retail for about $10, but you can find them for less at JoAnn’s or Amazon. They are pretty low-cost so I didn’t expect them to do crazy things like cut multiple photos at once, but they do what I want them to do very well. They round corners in the size I want fairly cleanly. There is somewhat of a sweet spot you need the paper to hit so that the corners are rounded perfectly. However, I have gotten used to it. There are more expensive and heavy duty corner rounders out there like the We R Memory Crop-A-Dile Corner Chomper that also has the 1/2″ size that matches the Project Life cards. I personally didn’t need all of that. All I wanted was something cheap to round my corners neatly. So what if it can’t handle multiple photos?

If you round the corners of tons of photos or heavy cardstock or have arthritis/weak hands, then definitely consider a heavy duty and more ergonomic corner rounder like the We R Memory one. If not, this is a compact and nifty little tool that works well for its price.

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