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Flexy Fridays & the MPK Blog Schedule

My Precious Krafts 2016-02-01 008
Noodler’s Black Swan in Australian Roses w/ Noodler’s Nib Creaper Flex

The way I have been organizing my blogging schedule is this: every day of the week has a specific theme. Mondays are completely reserved for my dear Momo. Tuesdays are for reviews i.e. Testing Tuesday. Wednesdays are for wishlists and watercolors. (Sensing a trend here?) Thursdays are for my Gratitude posts and television/books posts. Fridays… I will get back to. I just decided Saturdays are going to be for my Scrapbooking. Sundays will be reserved for soulcare: fitness, music, skincare, etc.

So, what about Friday’s? So far, my Friday’s have had Field Notes and fountain pen posts. I finally decided to reserve it for connecting with the larger community. Mainly, the posts will be focused on flex nibs and calligraphy and the occasional Field Notes update. But how does this connect with the rest of the pen and paper community?

First, I know #flexnibfriday is a thing I want to put in my routine. Second, Azizah from Gourmet Pens wanted to start practicing her calligraphy regularly so she created #tarquinswords (WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!). Basically, one word or short phrase will be posted in the middle of the week and a longer quote will be posted on Saturdays. I will probably still post the calligraphy on this blog on Friday and then repost it on Instagram on Saturday.

So, I think my Friday’s are settled! Meanwhile, in addition to #tarquinswords, there are so many different daily challenges on Instagram right now and I’ve decided to choose two to participate in: #rockyourhandwriting and #planwithmechallenge. So, definitely check out my Instagram/Twitter!


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