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2016 Goals: January Progress Report


Part 1: My Precious Krafts

Blogging daily is amazingly challenging. So much drive and diligence is required. It is early on so I don’t have readers yet. I haven’t really advertised my blog, not even among my friends. I want to put my blog out there and join the community I have come to love and respect. They have taught me so much and I love them. I should be connecting with others, but I still need to figure out what kind of content I want to produce. There are so many goals swimming around in my head and I have gotten overwhelmed at times, but I did learn something this month. I love this. I love writing about these things I use that make me happy. I love writing about pens and paper and scrapbooking because they are such important parts of my life. I don’t want to rush anything. Perhaps, I will expand into videos and more Instagram posts, but first, I must continue finding my voice.

Part 2: Goals Overload

I realized I created too many goals for myself… There are so many that I need to streamline them with more lists. So, I will break them down. Some goals are new habits I want to form. Some are large scale projects I must complete. Some are smaller projects I must do over time. Some are for later months. So, what do I do about it?

Instead of task lists, I need a project calendar. Instead of 2016 goals, they will be monthly goals. Instead of a billion “goals” I will make a short list of goals and all the rest will be “projects” organized by the month I want them completed by. Hopefully, this will help me sort through the things I want to get done.

Part 3: Focus

Although my focus word hasn’t changed, I believe the theme of this month is to “Focus.” I have goals that I started already, but for the goals that I haven’t, I need to both focus on them and I need to make them more focused. I am happy with the direction I am going towards. I just need to keep at it.

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