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Levenger 5-Year Journal Review

MPK 01122016 MPK 01122016 (11)

I want to make this post a review, but I find I must explain the idea of a 5-year journal first. The idea of the 5-year journal is that there are 366 pages (including February 29!) and each page is split into 5 sections. Everyday, you write an entry for that day and mark the year. Once you’ve completed a year fo entries, you’ll move on to the next section. You don’t need to start on January 1st to make this work, you just need to start on the day you get it and the show will be on the road. The beauty of the 5-year journal is that you get to compare your day to what it was like 1-year ago (and 2 years ago, so on so forth). You can see how you’ve changed, how far you’ve come, or what hasn’t changed. Personally, I find the concept rather romantic, so I jumped on the train!

MPK 01122016 (3)

The majority of the 5-year journals sold on the market are rather small and inexpensive. Not that there is anything particularly wrong with them, I just wanted one that felt like it was of better quality and could handle fountain pens without any issue. After searching long and hard, I settled on the Levenger 5-year journal.

There were really only 3 variants that fits my quality requirements: the Levenger, the Leuchtturm Some Lines a Day, and Paperblank’s 10-year journal. I chose the Levenger because I liked that it was bound like a book and it had more space per day than the Paperblanks. It also seemed that the Leuchtturm had a lot of show through, which wouldn’t normally be a problem for me, but since they were basically the same price, it felt like the Levenger offered more bang for your buck.

MPK 01122016 (4)

MPK 01122016 (5) MPK 01122016 (6) MPK 01122016 (7) MPK 01122016 (8) MPK 01122016 (9)

Honestly, I give this journal a 10/10. The quality of the journal is really high. I have seen little to no feathering, bleedthrough or showthrough with any of my pen/ink combos and trust me, I make sure that every inking can be found in this journal. I did test the paper with my 6.0mm Pilot Parallel and that did show some bleedthrough, but I really laid it on thick and I wouldn’t use it for such a small space anyways.

MPK 01122016 (14) MPK 01122016 (15) MPK 01122016 (16)

I love the fabric cover and the leather patch in front that contains their logo. The ribbon bookmark is the perfect size for me and its olive color fits perfectly with the color scheme. This journal is really similar to the aesthetic of the Baron Fig notebooks, so if you like those, I think you’d also appreciate this. There is a section for important dates which can come in handy. And to my delight they even include Feb. 29! (Some/most don’t.)

MPK 01122016 (10)

Overall, if you want to start a 5-year journal, any journal will do. Perhaps, you prefer black journals like the Leuchtturm, or love beautiful ornate covers like the Paperblank’s. Or maybe you want a wallet-friendly, small version. If so, you can find many for about $10 or less (1,2,3). And you can find ones with special themes also (1,2,3)! However, if you prefer high quality, simple and classy designs, if fountain pen friendliness is a must, then I can’t recommend the Levenger enough! It really feels like it will last forever and that’s important when it comes to preserving memories.

MPK 01122016 (2)

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