Daiso Kraft Scrapbook Review

MPK 01102016 (2)

Years ago, a sudden urge to begin scrapbooking drove me to purchase 2 of these extra-large sizedB4 kraft notebooks from Daiso. I believe it is now discontinued and I can kind of understand why. For the longest time, I could not figure out how to use it. There are 20 sheets/40 pages of this larger than A4B4 sized kraft paper and they were intimidating to me. So, for years after I bought the scrapbook, they just sat on the shelves in their oversized glory. Until now.

During the summer, I went on a scrapbooking frenzy and most of that energy went into creating a Project Life album. Once I caught up on the album (unfortunately, I’ve since then fallen behind), I looked for ways to organize my scraps of paper. At first, I tried to incorporate them into the Project Life album. Eventually, I decided it looked too cluttered and it didn’t quite fit the aestehtics of the album. That was when I decided to pull my kraft scrapbooks out from the dust.

My Precious Krafts 2016-01-08 006

The philosophy of the scrapbook is this: as long as it’s in, you’re good. There is no chronological order, no format, just blank space. As long as it fits, it was going in (and everything fits!). After months of going over all the painstaking details in my Project Life album, this album was such a breath of fresh air.

Below are some examples of how I use the album. My favorite aspect of the album is the size. I love how it fits pretty much any paper I throw at it. I love its simplicity. The only design element is the ‘scrapbook’ label in the fron tand it isn’t tacky at all. There are also images of typical scrapbooking tools like scissors, newspapers, etc. Again, all are cute without being tacky. Like I said before, there are 40 pages in this album and since I don’t put any photos in this scrapbook, there is ample room for all the scraps of paper I collect.

My Precious Krafts 2016-01-08 005My Precious Krafts 2016-01-08 003My Precious Krafts 2016-01-08 004

Around the scrapbook, I placed some tools I use. Again, there’s nothing fancy, just your typical scissors, acid-free glue/adhesives, washi tape, and pens. Actually, the pens are misleading because I really only use one pen and that is my Uniball Signo in white (pictured below). I find that the white ink looks so clean and simple on the kraft paper. Just stunning. The washi tape are souvenirs from Japan, but you can find them in any craft store now e.g. JoAnn’s, Michael’s, etc. I just use them when I want to stick in something I might want to see the backside of. I mainly use the Elmer’s gluestick to stick papers in, but when I need extra strength, I use my Tombow Mono Dots (pink) or the Tombow Mono Multi Liquid Glue. Scissors are from a Costco 3-pack. The only thing not pictures is my EK Tools Rotary Paper Trimmer. I sometimes use it to trim down papers, but honestly, I only use it because I have it. (Scissors were just fine.)

MPK 01102016 (7)

I will write reviews on the individual products over time, so they will be coming up soon. I think I will make Sunday the day I discuss my scrapbooking tools/show pictures of my scrapbooks…

Anyways, the TL:DR: the Daiso Kraft scrapbook is wonderful, but unfortunately unavailable. The point of this post is to show that scrapbooking need not be difficult. Obviously, I am ignoring photos, but more importantly, I am in the business of memory-keeping and this simple system of an oversized notebook, adhesive, and scissors just works for me, someone who doesn’t really feel artsy or creative ever. And sometimes, you need to ignore your need for order and just glue it in!

MPK 01102016 (8) MPK 01102016 (9) MPK 01102016 (10)

4 thoughts on “Daiso Kraft Scrapbook Review

    1. Thanks for commenting! Starting the scrapbook is by far the hardest part and since people who post on the internet tend to be really elaborate, it gets really intimidating. You just need to start! And not be picky with how it looks. Here’s something similar to my scrapbook if you want to try it out!

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