Pen and Paper

Current Fountain Pen Collection

MPK 01082016

From top to bottom:

  1. Skilcraft Executive Fountain Pen Navy with F nib – This is my most recently acquired pen. A friend gave it to me as a Christmas present and I love how lovely it looks.
  2. Sheaffer Touchdown – I won this from a writing contest held by Powers Pen Co. It is a sac-filling/vacuum filling pen and my first vintage pen!
  3. Nemosine Singularity M nib – This pen is my sister’s and I really enjoy using M nib. I should give it back…
  4. Pilot Metropolitan black F nib – My second pen and first Metro. I love how robust it feels for a less than $15 pen. Unfortunately, I dropped this pen and bent the nib. Using brute force, I managed to get the nib working, but it just doesn’t seem quite the same as it was.
  5. Pilot Metropolitan green F nib – I won this Metro from a giveaway by Ashley at Pen & Journal Passions. I was so excited because I couldn’t justify buying another Metro, but I loved this green variant. THANK YOU ASHLEY!
  6. Pilot Kakuno F nib – My first fountain pen! I have so much love for this little one. It is wonderfully designed for beginners. Everything from the smiley-face stainless steel nib to the comfortable grip to the colorful cap is simply perfect.
MPK 01082016 (2)
Pilot Metropolitan F – Noodler’s Air-Corps Blue-Black

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