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2016 Daily Carry

MPK 01052016

A. Tooled Leather crossbody bag – I bought this bag during my study abroad trip in Argentina for the Argentina equivalent of $40. That was in 2013 and almost 3 years later, it is still kicking ! I love the wonderful craftsmanship and how wonderfully it has worn over the years. I just used wonderful twice in the same sentence, so you know it’s good.

B. Shinola 2016 Runwell Planner – I use my planner for forward planning and for a running to-do list and record for each day. I like this planner because it is simple and contains a lot of space for notes. I will probably use the note pages for meeting notes. I will go more in depth into the planner in a future post.

C. Multicolor ballpoint pen from Morning Glory – Although all the pain has worn off the exterior and the clip has broken off, the pen still works like a charm. It is the only pen I carry with me everywhere because it fits perfectly with my color-coordinated system. I should expand my selection, but not yet…

D. Perry Ellis waller – Pretty standard wallet for money, cards, bandaids, etc.

E. Renaissance Arts Passport-sized notebook cover – This holds my Field Notes, the included notebook, and a mini Daiso ‘Combine’ notebook. These are for notes and sketches.

F. Small brush for teeth – My orthodontist gave this to me and it is so handy for all the food that gets stuck in my braces.

G. Almay Smart Shade ‘butter kiss’ Lipstick – My lips are constantly pale, dry, and sensitive (to stronger lipsticks) so this is a wonderful product to give my face some color and it is buttery-soft. Love it!

H. Vaseline Lip Therapy – A must have during the winter when my dry lips start cracking and hurting. It provides instant relief to my poor lips.

MPK 01052016 (2).jpg

MPK 01052016 (3).jpg

I am slowly running out of ink as I write. I’ve been refusing to ink any pen until they’ve all run out and I am incredibly close. I am just waiting on this Nemosine/J. Herbin 1670 Rouge Hematite.

As far as my daily carry goes, I am quite happy except for the fact that there are no fountain pens included. I still get plenty of chances to write with fountain pens, but I am a little sad I couldn’t be more inclusive. Except for the personal care products and the bag, I will write reviews on every product among my daily carry and how it is best for me right now. My needs might change later on, but this is what they are right now! So excited to take on the New year with these tools!

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