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2016 Goals

Pilot Metropolitan Retro Pop Green (F) – De Atramentis Edgar Allen Poe

2015 was a tough, but humbling year. I really had to hunt for myself this year, but what I found was better than what I expected. I found a stronger connection with my family. I discovered a new hobby in fountain pens and writing. I started a Project Life album. I have spent countless hours hanging out with my dear Momo. I went to Taylor’s 1989 World Tour! A tough, but good year. I hope that this new year will be better.

I don’t usually make new years resolutions, but I feel the need to write them out to keep then close to my memory. It is like the Field Notes motto: “I’m not writing it down to remember it later, I’m writing it down to remember it now.” So, here are some goals I want to remember now:

  1. I will blog daily.
  2. I will practice yoga at least 1x/week.
  3. I will keep my Project Life album updated.
  4. More gratitude!
  5. Run in a half marathon.
  6. Improve handwriting.
  7. Journal daily.
  8. Complete 40 watercolors.
  9. Send at least 10 letters.
  10. More hiking trips!
  11. Remember to let go of the past.

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