Pen and Paper

Current Fountain Pens and Inks Collection

14 so far!
L-R: Noodler’s Zhivago, Private Reserve Ebony Green, De Atramentis Plum, Diamine Ancient Copper, Noodler’s Cactus Fruit Eel, Diamine Sherwood Green, J. Herbin Poussiere de Lune, Diamine Evergreen, Rohrer & Klingner Alt Goldgrun, Diamine Rustic Brown, Private Reserve Avocado, Private Reserve Claret, J. Herbin Bleu Nuit, J. Herbin 1670 Stormy Grey
Unused inks #1
Unused inks #1 L-R: Diamine Green/Black, Faber Castell Moss Green, De Atramentis Black Ed. Green, Noodler’s Air-Corps Blue-Black, De Atramentis Edgar Allan Poe, Pilot Iroshizuku Fuyu-syogun, Noodler’s Rome is Burning, Private Reserve Rose Rage, J. Herbin 1670 Rouge Hematite, Noodler’s Ottoman Rose
Unused inks #2
Unused inks #2 L-R: De Atramentis Charles Dickens, Pelikan Edelstein Topaz, Diamine Umber, Diamine Salamander, Diamine Havasu Turquoise, Noodler’s Hunter Green, Noodler’s Tiananmen, Noodler’s Forest Green, Noodler’s Widow Maker
Unused inks #3
Unused inks #3 L-R: Pilot Iroshizuku Syo-ro, Pilot Iroshizuku Ku-Jaku, Pilot Iroshizuku Yama-budo, Pilot Iroshizuku Shin-ryoku, Sailer Jentle Tokiwa Matsu, Sailor Jentle Miruai
First full bottle of ink!
Diamine Evergreen – First full sized bottle of ink!

Pilot Kakuno [F] – First fountain pen!!! <3333
Pilot Metropolitan [F]
Pilot Metropolitan [F]
At least I think it's the Singularity.
Nemosine Singularity [M] – This one is my sister’s.
Pilot Parallel [6.0mm] – My Birthday Gift!
A part of me feels bad that I’ve spent more money on ink than I have on fountain pens. I’ve spent $68.24 on inks and only $26.92 on the two fountain pens. I also feel I should review the pens and inks I’ve been using. Of course, everyone has their own take on the hobby and I just prefer to have a large variety of inks. That doesn’t mean I don’t want more fountain pens. It’s just much harder to decide on fountain pens because they have such a steep cost. As far as reviewing inks… Well, I’ll try to get to that.

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